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Useful tips on detecting a scammer posing as a breeder

Sadly, internet pet scams are on the rise. The human affection for our furry friends is an open arms invitation for many types of animal scams. With our love for animals we often overlook the animal scams and can easily get taken.

Usually these scammers will place ads or have websites that have nice pictures and are fairly well worded. Rest assured that a scam site is only after money and the animal will not exist, at least in their hands. The pictures are stolen from legitimate websites. Scam websites may also take the wording as well as testimonials from a legitimate breeder’s website. 

Below are some tips on protecting yourself against these scammers.

1. Look the websites over very closely. Are there things that you find odd as in broken English, prices drastically reduced, pictures of a totally different animal than what is listed for sale

2. Make sure you ask for more pictures than are on the website or in the advertisement. Ask for pictures at different ages as well as different angles. Compare all the pictures to make sure they are all the same animal. Can the breeder produce them?

3. One of the reasons that these websites look so legitimate is they steal the text from other websites. If you want to see if the text is stolen, copy and paste the website address into the search bar at  Copyscape will allow 10 checks per day per computer. It will list and place that has the same exact text.

4. A person can also do what is called a “who is” search on the domain name to see if it is registered in another country.  There are Savannah breeders as well as other animal breeders in other countries that are legitimate so not all “out of country” websites are scams. 

5. Check to see if there is a phone number. While some breeders will prefer email contact and not list their phone number, most will have a phone number on the site. Not having a phone number on the website does not mean a breeder is not legitimate. The purpose here is to check location. If there is a phone number, do a search on the area code to see where it is located. If the area code is out of the country but they say they are in New York then you will have a great clue that the site you are on is a scam site. Remember that there are some breeders in other countries that are legitimate. Most of the scam sites are people from African and Cameroon but I have seen site listed in Australia, Europe, Russia, and Czech Republic as well.

You can also visit this website below to see if the cattery websites are listed. This site only list legitimate savannah cat breeders:

Remember, due diligence is your friend when looking for a new forever fur friend for your home




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