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A1 Savannahs "Athena" of Jungletouch - F1 A


Athena is a big girl with the greatest type. She has consistently produced high quality kittens with great personalities.


F1 Savannah cat "Athena" of Jungletouch


Wagati "Khyara" of Jungletouch

Khyara is from the renowned Wagati Cattery line. This line is not being produced anymore and Khyara is a rarity in that regards. I was so lucky to have gotten her for my breeding program. She is the sweetest of cats and thinks that sitting on my mouse pad while I am the computer is the thing to do. I believe she and Spot are going to make some stunning kittens.


F2 Savannah cat "Khyara" of Jungletouch


Jungletouch "Onyx Beauty" - F2 B


Onyx is the first F2 female that I have kept from Athena's kittens. She is not fond of the camera and good photo are hard to come by. Though she is not large, her first litter produced a male that is turning out to be a very big boy. Hi name is Lennox and you can see him on the "Gallery Page". I expect great things from Onyx and Spots kittens.


F2 black Savannah Cat Jungletouch "Onyx Beauty"



Jungletouch BeDazzled F5 C

Dazzle is a lovely girl with a fabulous personality. She produces amazing SBT pet and show babies with wonderful black spotting with very nice type.




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