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Moondream "I C Spots" of Jungletouch - F7 SBT


We are proud to have "Spot" in our Savannah Cat Breeding program. He proved himself at 9 months of age and at 1 year and 4 months old he weighed in at a whopping 22 pounds. Here he is stretched out on my messy couch. He has been a great asset and produces some fabulous kittens.

Kit Carson of Jungletouch - DSH

Carson is a DSH male that was specifically bred for a savannah program. He has consistently produced very typey and large kittens for us. He is now only used to breed with my F1 female as she will not let another male near her. In the past, Carson has been bred to queens at catteries such as Kirembo Savannahs, Gattobello Savannahs, Amore Cattery and Savannah Manor as well as many queens here at my cattery therefore playing a big role in the beginning development of the Savannah breed.

Domestic Shorthair "Kit carson" of Jungletouch.




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